We did a small study to validate the hypothesis that users of Apple (AAPL) Siri are reducing Google (GOOG) searches.

The study involved 17 users of   Apple Siri who upgraded from  Apple iPhone 3GS, 20 users who upgraded from android phones and three users who   upgraded from Apple iPhone 4.

 All 40 users of Siri report   that they see no need to go to Google if Siri can answer their question.

27 users of Siri have not done a single Google search since they got iPhone 4S.

13 users on the average have done two Google searches since they got iPhone  4S. These users would have previously done over 10 Google searches in the same time period.

This is a small sample and the study is not scientific. The study provides evidence that Apple  Siri users are changing habits . As a result of changing habits, Google search may see a major decline as Siri becomes widely available and Apple adds more databases to the backend of Siri.