Apple (AAPL) became the most valuable company in the world, in part due to the meticulousness and perfectionism of the late Steve Jobs.  Jobs earned the trust of millions of users that Apple products not only work out of the box, they work well.

Steve Jobs was well known for being extraordinarily demanding of his subordinates to ensure perfection in the products before they were released.  If an imperfection could have been humanly prevented, Jobs prevented it.  Because of his penchant for perfection, Jobs was not very popular, some even called him a jerk. The kind of fortitude Steve Jobs had for perfection seems to have evaporated from Apple.

In the just released iOS 6 Apple ditched Google (GOOG) Maps and replaced it with Apple Maps.  The graphics and 3D rendering in Apple Maps is a thing of beauty.  However, there is one problem – Apple Maps do not always work.

Angry users are flooding the Internet with complaints.  Most of the complaints are coming from Europe and Asia.  It appears that Apple worked hard on all of the ancillary items in Maps but forgot to perfect the main purpose of Maps – helping users go where they want to go every time without problems.

If Steve Jobs was alive, would he have introduced Apple Maps with rough edges?  Did the meticulousness that went into Apple products die with Steve Jobs?  Has Apple squandered the trust of users built up by Steve Jobs over years in one swoop?

These are the important questions for Apple investors to ponder.

The source of Apple Maps is TomTom..Read more at Forbes