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We have received a large number of emails in response to the ‘Morning Capsule,’ BARN BURNER U.S. EMPLOYMENT DATA.

Most emails expound conspiracy theories and flaws in the employment data.  Most emails have asked our opinion on conspiracy theories.

Our focus is on helping subscribers consistently make money to generate substantial wealth over a long period of time.  We work hard to stay away from everything that distracts from the foregoing objective and so should investors.

A good analogy is a beauty contest.  If you want to successfully predict the winner of a beauty contest, you would need to leave your opinions at the door and focus on what the judges think.

When it comes to investments, the judges are institutional money managers who manage hundreds of millions of dollars.  To be successful at making money, the focus has to be on what large money managers think and not talking heads.

The facts are clear.  With rare exception, large money managers believe in the data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and act on this data with billions of dollars.  Over years large money managers have en mass repeatedly dismissed conspiracy theories.