This post was just published on ZYX Global Multi Asset Allocation Alert.

Our trade of the decade is short yen against the U.S. dollar.  Our vehicle of choice is inverse ETF YCS.  Most subscribers are long YCS from high $30s.  As of this writing YCS has moved to $46.72.

USDJPY has just run through major resistance at 83.00.  The move as of this writing is 65 pips, this is a very large move for yen.

FOMC announcement at 12:30 pm ET today followed by Bernanke’s conference at 2:15 pm ET may have further implications for this trade.

Please stay alert.

What To Do Now?

Those in the position may continue to hold.

Those not in the position may wait for a signal in the Real Time Feed.  We do plan to revise the buy zone for those not in the position after we analyse the impact of the Fed statement.