What is the next big thing for Apple?  This is a favorite topic in all sorts of venues ranging from water cooler talk at the office to investment publications.  The most speculation centers around iTV, but in a very different way, the next big Apple thing is already here—Apple stock.

Apple stock has become the favorite casino game of gamblers.  After all it is easy to get an adrenaline rush and make thousands or millions of dollars in minutes depending upon how big a hand you want to play by trading Apple stock short-term .

If you want to be a high roller, special tables are readily available in weekly options.  The volume in weekly options has swelled.

Apple is one of the rare stocks that consistently shows large moves without earnings or a takeover being a component of that news.  Monday was no exception.  In the pre-market when I was analyzing our positions the stock was under $500.  A half hour later the stock had moved to $512.  An hour after the market opened, the stock was back approaching $500.  During the afternoon the stock rallied strongly and after-hours was trading over $520.

The point is that just like a lot of money can be made or lost in a casino in a very short time, a lot of money can be made or lost in Apple stock in a very short time almost every day.

Just like in a casino the house always wins, in Apple stock high frequency traders always win.  Analysts appear to react to the price action to make their recommendations….Read more at Forbes