The piece I recently wrote, Tizen Rising, Ready To Challenge Apple And Google In 2013, outlined the threat posed by a new giant ready to attack Apple’s and Google Android’s dominance of the smart phone market.  Now the news is that Tizen is gaining steam faster than expected.  According to CNET, Samsung has confirmed that it will launch a number of Tizen based devices this year.

For practical purposes, the smart phone market has become a two horse race between Apple and Samsung.  Although not confirmed there have been several reports that Google, the creator of Android is weary of Samsung’s dominance of the Android market.  It is worth remembering that Google owns Motorola Mobility.  Motorola, once a major player, lags far behind Samsung in smart phones.  On the other hand, Samsung’s Achilles’ heel is that Google has a choke-hold on its lifeline because of Samsung’s heavy dependence on Android.

Tizen offers Samsung several advantages over Android including hedging its bets against Google. Since Tizen offers phone carriers the ability to offer their own services in a manner that is far easier and more lucrative than Android, it is no wonder that major carriers across the world are jumping on board Tizen.

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