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Consider starting a 10% tranche on BA right here in the zone of $73. to $73.40.  This is a short-term trade for aggressive investors only.

BA stock has had a couple of dreadful days.  The reasons are the fires on its Dreamliner 787.

The preliminary indications are that the fires are related to auxiliary batteries.  If there are no more issues than this issue should be easily fixable.

It is common for a new plane to go through teething problems.  Historically any down drafts on minor issues have proven to be buying opportunities.  However the risk is asymmetrical, i.e., that the upside is limited but highly likely and the downside can be large.  Therefore this is only a short-term trade suitable for aggressive investors.

Target zone is $78 to $80.  Stop zone is $68.43 to $68.73.