As some investors face jitters about how low Apple (AAPL) stock can go, astute investors have been enjoying handsome profits in Apple competitors Nokia (NOK) and Research In Motion (RIMM).  Since August, Nokia stock has beaten Apple stock by 182%; Research In Motion stock has beaten Apple by 98%.  The chart tells the story.


Yesterday Research In Motion stock was very strong based on the report that the company has received 1500 apps for its upcoming BB 10 operating system in less than two days.  There is no information available as to the quality of these apps but the market did not care.

Nokia has been running up on last week’s earnings pre-announcement that was significantly better than expectations.   Nokia sold 4.4 million Lumia smartphones; estimates are that Apple will announce it sold 47 million smartphones for the same period. Nokia is not yet out of the woods but the market does not seem to care.  For details on Nokia turnaround please seeProof Positive Of Nokia Turnaround With 4.4 Million Lumia Phones Sold

If Nokia stock goes over $5 and stays there, the stock will get a second wind.   The reason is that some institutions are  not allowed to buy stocks that trade under $5.

An analysis of money flow trends shows that money is coming out of Apple and going into Nokia, Research In Motion, and Facebook (FB).  Facebook stock has moved up more than 50% from its recent lows.

The significant out performance by Nokia, Research In Motion and Facebook over Apple shows the importance of monitoring money flows…Read more at Forbes