I have been writing for some time that the pace of innovation at Apple was slowing. For a couple of months it was egg on my face as Apple stock continued to skyrocket into the launch of iPhone 5.

After iPhone 5 was launched, slowly but surely investors started to recognize that iPhone 5 did not incorporate any breakthrough innovations like they had come to expect from Apple.  The stock started to stumble and now has fallen about $200.

The lesson for investors is that money in technology stocks is neither made by focusing on traditional fundamental analysis such as P/E ratios, nor by falling in love with the products.  When iPhone 4S was introduced, the sales on the very first day were much better than expected, the sales for the first weekend broke records, and the sales accelerated throughout the quarter.  Apple stock took off on a parabolic move.

The trigger for the excitement was Siri, the  artificial intelligence based virtual assistant introduced for the first time in an iPhone.  Siri had its flaws, but investors and users alike were very forgiving.  Apple was brilliant with introducing Siri.  It was the first time in a very long time that Apple introduced a feature as beta.  It was easy for consumers and analysts to understand that Siri was a work in progress with great potential….Read more at Forbes