Both the New York Times and theWall Street Journal are reporting that Apple is working on a watch-like device.  iWatch has been in the rumor mill for a long time, but now the rumor has gained more credibility being spread by these august outlets.

Pebble, a smart watch that shows emails or text messages easily at a glance by connecting Google Android smartphone and iPhone has received a lot of interest. The interest in Pebble was so high that it was quickly able to raise $10 million on the Kickstarter website.

If Apple were to introduce iWatch, it will be the first new category of products under Tim Cook.  It is an open question if, under Cook, new categories will be implemented as well as they were under Jobs.

Here is my list of features that will make iWatch a killer product.

  • iWatch should remember all of my passwords, eliminating the need to enter the passwords on various devices.
  • iWatch should have a Siri based nifty way of remembering passwords for all the sites I visit and automatically entering user names and passwords for those sites.
  • iWatch can act as a TV remote.  Preferably using Siri as an interface.
  • iWatch can tell me where my mobile devices are.
  • iWatch can speak turn by turn directions to me while walking.

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