Yesterday trading in Apple and BlackBerry was a show of contrast.

Apple rose about 1% and BlackBerry fell 4.6%.  Of interest is that money flow was negative in Apple while the stock was going up and money flow in BlackBerry was positive while the stock was going down.

Apple had lots of good news.  There was excitement from the rumors of iWatch.  There was positive anticipation of what Tim Cook would say today at the Goldman Sachs conference.  Apple was also experiencing a tailwind from David Einhorn’s revolt against Apple.

In contrast, BlackBerry had two pieces of bad news.  First, Home Depot decided to replace BlackBerrys with iPhones for many of their employees.  Second, an upstart phone carrier Solavei introduced Z10 for a price of $999 in the United States ahead of major carriers Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile. In my analysis, this was bad news as it demonstrated BlackBerry’s lack of control over the launch of Z10.

My algorithms calculate money flow by subtracting the value of trades made on a downtick from the value of trades made on an uptick.  They further dissect the tick data to detect foot prints of smart money and calculate net buying or selling by smart money.

Even though BlackBerry stock was falling, it experienced a positive money flow of $17.79 million.  This was not all mom and pop buying.  The money flow calculated only from block trades into BlackBerry was also positive $11 million.  Block trades are indicative of institutional activity…Read more at Forbes