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Apple’s public posture about OLED displays and its private actions seem to be at odds.

The whole world has been moving towards OLED displays.  As an example, the screen of Samsung Galaxy SIII is AMOLED.  The new generation 4K televisions are OLED based.  Apple is the only major consumer electronics company that has not adopted OLED technology.

Tim Cook recently described OLED displays as awful. “If you buy things online, you should think twice before you depend on the color of the OLED display. The Retina display is twice as bright as an OLED display”.  Cook said, “Some people use OLED displays, but the color saturation is awful.”

In 2010 at the Apple World Wide Developers Conference, Jobs touted Retina Display, which relies on traditional silicon LED technology.  Jobs said, “You can’t make an OLED display with this resolution, we think it is quite superior.” (See, “Steve Jobs’ Failure To See Light In OLED Could Cost Apple.”)

While Jobs and now Cook have derided OLED displays, Apple has been steadily filing for patents on OLED and related technologies. Recently Apple hired Jueng Jil Lee, an expert in OLED displays.  Lee was previously a senior researcher at LG where he worked on a printed AMOLED television...Read more at Forbes

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