ETFs have less risk than individual stocks. Several ETFs are now providing opportunities as they fall into buy zones.

Buy zones are very powerful.  This powerful technique is used by billionaires and hedge funds.  When a stock dips into the buy zone you buy it.

Semiconductors are the new oil for the economy.  Semiconductors are now into almost everything. If you were a paying Arora Report subscriber,  you were able to buy semiconductor ETF (SMH) as low as $96  Since then semiconductor ETF SMH as traded as high as $258.59.  This represented a return of up to 169%.

No worries if you were not a paying subscriber.  Semiconductor ETF SMH  has fallen into the buy zone again.

With the help of buy zones, you could have bought internet ETF  (FDN) which dipped into the buy zone  trading as low as $105.  Since then internet ETF FDN  traded as high as $245.96 representing a gain of up to 133%.

If you missed buying internet ETF FDN, no worries, a new buy zones awaits you.


More and more states are legalizing marijuana.  The marijuana business is booming. Marijuana ETF is in the buy zone.

Green Energy

Biden is pushing green energy.  Solar and wind power is on the rise.

It is not only Tesla (TSLA) but General Motors (GM) and Ford (F ) are also pushing electric cars.  Green energy ETF is in the buy zone.


Pandemic has caused Fintech stocks to boom. The likes of PayPal (PYPL) and Square (SQ) are seeing increased use.  Fintech is taking market share away from traditional banks.  Fintech ETF is in the buy zone.


Vaccines from Moderna (MRNA) and Pfizer (PFE) are saving the world from coronavirus. This is the golden age of biotech.  Biotech ETF is in the buy zone.

ETFs To Reduce Risks

ETFs reduce your risks due to diversification.  Our service ZYX Global Multi Asset Allocation Alert (ZYX Allocation) exclusively uses ETFs.  This service is very popular among private investors, investment advisors and money managers.

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