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WMT is plunging as it lowers FY17 earnings by 6 – 12%.   Increased wages are about 75% of the reason behind reduced earnings.  It appears that the success of AMZN is behind the remaining earnings reduction.

The stock is very volatile and trading at $60.26 as of this writing.

Under the present high risk market conditions, the plunge in WMT represents a lower risk opportunity for the long-term investors.

Please understand this is a long-term investment not a short-term trade.

Consider starting a 10% tranche right here and accumulate up to a total of 40% of the full core position size if it dips into the lower half of the buy zone.  Assuming nothing fundamental changes, the plan will be to accumulate more and build 100% of the full core position size over a period of time.  Caution:  there will be a new post at the proper time when it become appropriate to accumulate more than 40%.  Please consider not accumulating more than 40% without a post.

The buy zone is $55.37 to $60.57.  Target zone is $76. to $82.  Stop zone is $42 to $44.43.

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