There are times when it pays to look years ahead when you’re an investor.

That time is now for Apple AAPL.  Under one scenario, Apple’s stock could double. At first glance, such a possibility seems ridiculous given current Wall Street’s price targets on Apple. Isn’t Wall Street often behind the curve?

When I made the call to aggressively buy Apple at $18.71 for the very long term, I suggested that the stock could go to $143. This call was made long before Apple became a popular stock. Many called it outrageous; some even canceled their subscriptions to The Arora Report. Well, Apple is trading north of $150 as of this writing, and The Arora Report is still holding part of the original position bought at $18.71.

No, I am not a genius to be able to pick an exact number like $143 to be achieved years later. I simply picked the round number of $1,000 as a potential target. Since then, Apple’s stock has split seven for one. And $1,000 divided by seven is $143.

Let us explore how the stock might double.

Five stages of a long trade

Please click here to see five stages of a long trade. The diagram shows one cycle. In the recent past, Apple has gone through three cycles; first from the long side, then from the short side and once again from the long side.

Please click here to see five stages of a short trade.

At present, Apple is in the fifth stage — marked as “crowded trade” in the diagram. According to the ZYX Change Method, we now have the first solid indication that at some time in the future, Apple’s stock may embark on another cycle of five stages to the upside…Read more at MarketWatch

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