Twitter (TWTR) long-term core position is long from $15.37.  It is trading at $76.78.  as of this writing.  This represents a gain of 399%.

Our subscribers know that when we were giving TWTR buy signal Wall Street was giving sell signals. Further, Wall Street remained a non-believer even when the stock started moving up.   Now that the stock is at $76.78  Wall Street is jumping on board giving buy signals.  This illustrates the power of our unique ZYX Change Method that has been proven over both bull and bear markets.

The Big News

The big news is that TWTR intends to double its revenues by 2023.  Doubling revenues in two years is a tall order.  In our analysis, this is doable.

TWTR has been under monetized to date, unlike  FB and GOOG.   This under monetization represents the opportunity.


TWTR is a unique property.  It is a buyout target. In a bidding war, the ultimate price can go higher than the target given below.

Long-time subscribers to The Arora Report have made a fortune from our propensity to pick companies that get bought out.  To date, 161 of the Arora Portfolio companies have been bought out.  This performance is better than boutique firms charging upwards of $50,000 per year.


For those who are following the Good Way and are aggressive, the Buy Now rating is 🔒 (To see the locked content, please take a 30 day free trial) .

For newer subscribers who are not in the stock, and are following the Best Way, the buy zone is🔒.

The recommended position size is 20 – 35% of full core position size.

The very long term target zone is🔒.

The first intermediate target zone is 🔒.

The Company

For a long time, we had no company in buying TWTR stock.  As you know, we do not like company as it leads to better stock performance and keeps risk low.  Now with Wall Street jumping on board, there is plenty of company.  This is increasing the risk in the stock.  To make matters worse, the momo crowd has jumped on Twitter stock increasing the risk in TWTR stock.

Trade Around Position

There is a  high probability that a signal will be given for a Trade Around Position.  A Trade Around position is a great technique to often double your returns and lower your risks.  To learn about Trade Around positions, please see Trade Management Guidelines.

What To Do Now

Those in the stock may consider continuing to hold.

Those not in the stock may consider following the parameters given above.

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This post was just published on ZYX Buy Change Alert.

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