Ant Group IPO will be a blockbuster.  The big news is that Ant Group has won approval for the Hong Kong’s listing of the IPO from the Chinese government.  The IPO will also be listed in Shanghai.  The U. S. based investors are familiar with payment processors such as PayPal (PYPL) and Square (SQ).  The U. S. investors may have never heard of Alipay.  Alipay may turn out to be a better investment than PayPal or Square.  Alipay is owned by Ant Group.  Ant Group in turn is 33% owned by Alibaba (BABA).  Alibaba is often called the Amazon (AMZN) of China.

Fortunately for U. S. investors, Alibaba trades in the U. S. under the symbol BABA.

Please click here for a chart of Alibaba.  The chart shows when the  Arora Buy Signal was given and the subsequent rise in the stock.

Ant Group is looking to raise $35 billion in the IPO.  The valuation of the company could be north of $200 billion.

The Arora Report gave a signal to buy a trade around position on Alibaba in advance of the big move in the stock. The Alibaba trade around position was entered around $237.80.  Alibaba stock is now trading at $307.04 as of this writing.  This morning the target zone of  Alibaba has been raised to the zone of $318 to $334.

A trade around position is a technique used by hedge funds and sophisticated investors. This technique can often double the returns and reduce the risk.  All prudent investors may want to learn this technique.


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