Buy zones are very powerful.  This powerful technique is used by billionaires and hedge funds.  When a stock dips into the buy zone you buy it.

Disney+ streaming service has taken off all across the globe.  Disney (DIS) stock has a long runway ahead.  If you were a paying Arora Report subscriber, last year you were able to buy Disney stock around $80 when it hit the buy zone.  Since then Disney as traded as high as $203.02.  This represented a return of 153%.

No worries if you were not a paying subscriber.  Disney has fallen into the buy zone again.

With the help of buy zones, you could have bought Microsoft (MSFT) stock as low as $132.52. Since then Microsoft stock has traded as high as $263.19. This represents a return of 98%.

If you missed buying Microsoft, no worries, it has now dipped into the buy zone.

If you were following the buy zones, you could have more than doubled your money in Apple (AAPL) stock.  In  2020, Apple dipped into the buy zone as low as $53.01. Since then Apple stock has traded as high as $145.09.   This represents a return of 173%.

Apple is again close to the buy zone.

Electric vehicle batteries use lithium.  Demand for lithium is increasing.  The best lithium stock to buy is now close to the buy zone.

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