This post was just published on ZYX Buy Change Alert.

The position is long with an average price of $26.  Currently, 10% of the full core position size is being held.  Profits have been taken as high as $57.30 and on a trade around position as high as $70.00.

TWRT held its Analyst Day today.  TWTR’s growth has slowed.  One of the issues is that many users find TWTR hard to use.  The market  is encouraged by TWTR’s plans to provide an “instant timeline” for new users to provide them with the content they want to see.

What To Do Now?

Those in the stock may continue to hold.

Those not in the stock and are aggressive may consider scaling in up to 35% of the full core position size in the zone of $37.32 to $40.52, preferably under $39.38.  Mental stops under $37.

Those who are conservative may wait for a signal on the Real Time Feed.

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