In response to my column yesterday,Consumer Reports Is No Fan Of iPhone 5, I received a large number of comments.  Two contentions in these communications are worth addressing.

A large number of readers contend that Consumer Reports is biased against Apple.  Some also contend that Steve Jobs rubbed Consumer Reports the wrong way.

I know nothing about Jobs instigating anything with Consumer Reports,but there is proof that Consumer Reports is not biased against Apple.

Proof positive lies in Consumer Reports‘ glowing review of iPhone 5 when it was launched. The tag line of the review was ‘Another winning smart phone from Apple, based on our initial review.’  Here is an excerpt from Consumer Reports‘ review of iPhone 5 in October 2012:

By boosting screen size, thinning its profile, and adding 4G LTE access, among other features, his newest iPhone shows every sign of being the most compelling yet. And even its biggest drawback, its beta-like Maps app, is likely to improve over time.  The new phone is a worthy upgrade for owners of older iPhones who want a bigger screen and faster data access. Otherwise, iPhone owners might note that a number of the phone’s improvements, including the panoramic camera mode and the ability for the Siri voice assistant to control apps, are available by upgrading your iPhone 4S to the new iOS 6 software.

Over years I have received many emails alleging Consumer Reports bias against Apple.  It has never been a rubber stamp and in my view their reviews of Apple products have been objective.

The biggest criticism of Consumer Reports comes from its coverage of ‘Antenna Gate’…Read more at Forbes 

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