Are you concerned about excessive money printing and excessive borrowing in the United States?

Are you concerned about the dollar losing its purchasing power due to government policies?

Are you concerned about a stock market bubble in the United States?

Prudent investors are diversifying away from the United States into emerging countries such as Vietnam, India, Taiwan and Indonesia.  The growth is not in the United States but in emerging countries.

New buy zones have been published on 20 ETFs representing 15 emerging growth counties and four specialty areas.  The buy zones are very powerful in that they allow you to buy at much cheaper prices when the markets dip.

In addition, you get short-term, medium-term and long-term ratings for 20 ETFs.

The Model Portfolio in ZYX Emerging Markets ETF Alert has been updated with new buy zones.  The Model Portfolio has 20  ETFs providing several opportunities for stock market investors.  ZYX Emerging Markets ETF Alert has been highly acclaimed by prudent investors.

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