It is a big world outside the U. S.  Smart money is making more money outside the U. S. than they are inside the U. S.   Here is an example of making 34% on Taiwan.

There is now 34% gain on Taiwan ETF EWT.

Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) carries a very heavy weight in this ETF.  Chances are that the AMD chip in your computer was manufactured by TSM and so are many chips in your iPhone from Apple (AAPL).

Intel (INTC) has fallen behind AMD.  Bulls have been hoping that INTC will outsource like many other semiconductor companies to TSM.  INTC has just announced that it will invest $20 billion in two new Arizona factories.  This is a negative for TSM and EWT.

Buy Zone And Ratings

The short term rating on Taiwan is being downgraded to Mild Sell.  Medium term rating remains Buy and the long term rating remains Mild Buy.

The new buy zone is $48.32 to $53.68.

What To Do Now

Those who are trading oriented may consider partial or full profits right here. EWT is trading at $58 as of this writing in the aftermarket.

Those who do not like to trade a lot may consider the information above to make a decision.

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