One of my bedrock principles is to leave my opinions at the door and let the data speak for itself. There is widespread belief among American investors and a large number of proclamations that the Chinese and Indians are not selling gold and silver into the swoon.

Hard data from Shanghai, China, shows that the foregoing belief of the gold bugs does not hold water.

Since I write based on rigorous analysis of the data, the analysis is often less than popular. The following statement from one of the hate mails in response to my recent article Gold momo crowd meets smart money fairly represents a common element in many hate mails:

‘You … must be lying, that is why you did not publish raw data.’

Of course, bugs give nary a thought to the impracticality of publishing reams of data from millions of transactions. Fortunately, a simple set of data from Shanghai Gold Exchange can debunk the myth that Chinese are not selling into the swoon.






Take a close look at the volume along with the price data for open, high, low, close and change. Even elementary knowledge of analysis of trading data leads to the unmistakable conclusion that distribution is taking place in gold and silver.

Similar conclusions can be drawn from information emanating from India.

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