Meltdown and Spectre are the names given to two computer processor security flaws.

The names sound gloomy and haunting. Stories published since Wednesday are saying processors dating back 10 years may have those flaws. Shares of Intel INTC, the subject of the flaws, have been battered, while main rival AMD AMD,  is enjoying a rebound. (Nvidia NVDA, too, is profiting from Intel’s bad luck.)

I am an electrical engineer who understands the matter at hand. There are a lot of “what this means” stories, but not many written for investors. That’s what I aim to do today.

Why not figure out how to make money from this situation? Let us start with a chart.


Please click here for the intraday chart of Intel. Please note the following from the chart.

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The chart shows the point where the VUD indicator turned green after being orange for a long time.…Read more at MarketWatch



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