I was earlier alerted by a reader that North Korea may fire missiles on Christmas tree towers in South Korea.  Hostilities between the two Koreas are well known.

It is no secret that North Korea does not like Christianity.  But in 2011,  it is hard to fathom anyone would go to war over Christmas trees.   About 30% of South Koreans are Christians, but North Korea is an atheist state where Christianity is seen as a challenge to the leadership.

Here is how the Associated Press characterizes the present situation:

Earlier on Sunday, North Korea’s state-run Uriminzokkiri website said that lighting the first tree was a form of psychological warfare and would trigger an ‘œunexpected consequence.’

South Korea’s military will bolster security near the three trees, located on the western, central and eastern portions of the border, the Defense Ministry official said. The trees will stay lit for 15 days starting Dec. 23.

South Korea stopped illuminating a prominent tower in 2004 at Christmas time.   The tower was lit again in 2010.

According to Yonhap, a Korean news agency, the South had planned to light three Christmas tree-shaped towers near the border Friday, a move that prompted North Korea to accuse Seoul of intensifying anti-communist psychological warfare.

Pyongyang also warned of an ‘œunpredictable situation’ after the tower’s lighting two days before Christmas Day and said Seoul should bear full responsibility for that potential scenario...Read More on Forbes.