By Nigam Arora & Dr. Natasha Arora

Greetings Investors and Money Managers,

Opportunities to make a fortune are ahead.  The Arora Report has just published a well-diversified model portfolio of 41 stocks along with powerful buy zones.  You want to be ready to act quickly when these stocks enter the buy zones.

Here are a few examples of exciting opportunities.

A 10-Bagger Green Hydrogen Stock

You want to get in on the ground floor.  Green hydrogen is about to revolutionize the world.  We have picked the best green hydrogen stock.  The stock has the potential to be a 10-bagger and possibly a 50-bagger.

Consider buying this potential 10-bagger stock when it enters the buy zone.

The Safe Way To Profit From Electric Vehicles

Tesla (TSLA) is the leader in electric vehicles.  However, all other car companies are pouring in billions of dollars to beat Tesla with very attractive and advanced electric vehicles.  There are also many exciting start-ups in the electric vehicle space.

Here is a tweet from one investor:

Nigam. Your call on Tsla 5 years ago was simply marvelous. I made money. I cashed out way early. But O boy! What a outstanding analysis. I printed every chart and watched. It all came out true. You are a brilliant man. When it broke it out it never stopped.

That was The Arora Report analysis from five years ago, but what is ahead?  Tesla is a winner, but given Tesla’s very high valuation, even Tesla’s biggest fans agree that there is no guarantee of Tesla producing great returns going forward.  Tesla bears contend that Tesla investors will lose their shirts.

No matter what your opinion of Tesla is, the fact is that it is going to be very competitive in the electric vehicle space.

All we have to do is look at the history of the automotive industry.  Since 1895, 1,900 car companies were formed in the US.  Investors were excited about internal combustion cars just like they are now about electric vehicles.  When it was all said and done, most car companies went bankrupt due to fierce competition.  In the end, only three large automakers were left standing: General Motors (GM), Ford (F), and Chrysler.

So how do you invest safely in the electric vehicle space?  You find something that is a winner, no matter which company wins.  The winner is lithium.  

All electric vehicle companies use lithium for the batteries.  The Model Portfolio shows you the best lithium stock to own.

Consider buying this lithium stock when it is in the buy zone.

California Bans Gas Cars  

California is known for its love affair with cars.  The cars that Californians love are going to be banned.

Starting in 2035, gasoline powered cars will not be allowed to be sold in California.  Other states tend to follow California.

This is a big win for electric vehicles.

You already know that lithium is a winner. You need to know that copper is also a winner because electric vehicles use more copper.

The Model Portfolio has the best copper stock to own.

Consider buying when the best copper stock is in the buy zone.

The Federal Government Gives a Big Boost To Solar

The Federal government has just passed the Inflation Reduction Act.  The act provides big incentives for solar power.  The act has additional incentives for solar panels made in the US.  The problem is that most solar panels are made in China and imported into the US.


Certainly, do not buy solar ETF TAN because many of its holdings are Chinese companies.  There are many popular solar stocks, but these companies are using solar panels made in China.

The Model Portfolio names a solar stock with significant manufacturing in the US that also has many large projects under its belt.  This is a blue chip company that belongs in your portfolio.  

Consider buying the best solar blue chip stock when it is in the buy zone.

Love The Big Tech

So you love the big tech stocks: Apple (AAPL), Amazon (AMZN), Alphabet (GOOG), and Microsoft (MSFT)?

If you own these stocks and want to add more, consider adding them in the buy zones.

If you do not own these stocks, consider buying them in the buy zones.

33 More Stocks

Now you already know eight stocks that you want for a diversified portfolio.  There are 33 more top picks in the Model Portfolio.  These picks are diversified not only by industry but also by strategy.

The Arora Report is the only place where you can get diversification by strategy.

Diversification is the only free lunch in investing.

Consider these 33 stocks when they are in the buy zones.

Amplify Your Profits

We just discussed 41 long term investments, but what if you want to amplify your profits — you do two things.

First, you use a technique called trade around positions.  This is a technique that billionaires and hedge funds use.  You learn this technique when you subscribe.

Second, you diversify with quick short term trades.  Profits on quick short term trades add up.

The Arora Report gives you plenty of short term trades in addition to long term investments.

The Arora Report has a track record of generating significant profits on short term trades going back years with hundreds of signals.  The secret to our success and your success when you subscribe is to take only good set ups and have the discipline to ignore the set ups that are not great.

For example, a signal given on TQQQ generated 26% return in five trading days.

Do Not Make This Classic Mistake

The best buying opportunities occur in a bear market.  Many investors make the classic mistake of withdrawing from the market when there are great values to be bought, and then they buy again when stocks become expensive.  Do not let this happen to you.

You already know that The Arora Report subscribers have done well during this market downturn. Many subscribers to the Corporate Bundle 1 have gains for the year.

Markets are turbulent.  The time to start deploying sophisticated techniques to protect your wealth and generate more profits is now.

Protecting Your Portfolio Against Losses

In 2022, many investors are experiencing significant losses in their portfolios. Many subscribers to the Corporate Bundle 1 have nice positive returns for the year.

Imagine if your portfolio was up to 69% protected against losses. Imagine if several stocks and ETFs in your portfolio were going up.

Paying subscribers to The Arora Report have had their portfolios up to 69% protected.   Imagine how far ahead financially you would have been if your portfolio was up to 69% protected.


The cost of the paid subscription to The Arora Report is only a small fraction of the money you would have saved.

Imagine Positions In Your Portfolio Going Up In 2022

The Arora Report diversifies by strategies. In 2022, while most portfolios experienced significant losses, many stocks and ETFs in The Arora Report portfolios had nice gains and significantly outperformed Nasdaq 100, here are examples of gains that existed.

  • 80% on inverse Treasury bond ETF (TBT)
  • 60% on Shell (SHEL)
  • 58% on commodity ETF (PDBC)
  • 58% on EOG Resources (EOG)
  • 51% on Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY)
  • 34% on Hershey (HSY)

Unrivaled Record

The Arora Report is known across the globe for the most ACCURATE analysis of the stock market, gold, and oil.

The record is easily verifiable when you subscribe to paid services; you get about ten years of archives.

Accelerate Wealth Generation

Every investor is unique.  Imagine if you could customize a service to suit your personal preference and goals — you will perform significantly better. You can easily customize The Arora Report to your preferences.

The Secret

The secret behind the unmatched record is the interplay between, the unique ZYX Change Method, and the comprehensive Adaptive ZYX Asset Allocation Model. In plain English, adaptive means a model that changes itself automatically with market conditions. Conventional static models suffer from a major weakness — they stop working when market conditions change.

Turning $100,000 into over $1,500,000

Our subscribers are smart and they want to make good financial decisions.

To accomplish their purposes, investors have been telling us that it makes sense to them to have yearly subscriptions, subscriptions spanning multiple years or subscriptions to all four services to get more opportunities and lower risks.

The Arora Report gives investors multiple edges they cannot get anywhere else.  With the help of The Arora Report, they have beaten the market and they intend on doing so for a long time.  With The Arora Report, an investor could have turned $100,000 into over $1,500,000.

Making A Fortune From Buyouts

Our subscribers have made a fortune from our remarkable success in identifying companies that get bought out.  To date over 175 of our portfolio companies have been bought out. This record is significantly better than boutique research firms charging over $50,000 per year.

Free Trials

Right now is a good time to take advantage of the 30 day free trials.  Your credit card is not charged during the first 30 days.  You can cancel within 30 days and owe nothing.

First Bonus

When you subscribe, you get access to Trade Management Guidelines. These are the techniques used by billionaires and hedge funds.  You can learn and continue to use these techniques even if you decide to cancel.

Second Bonus

It is a fact that the more knowledge you have, the more money you make in the markets. For those taking a free trial now, you get $400 off the widely acclaimed seminar Bullet Proof Your Portfolio and Increase Your Returns.

What To Do Now

Every morning we update you on what to do now:

  • How much cash to hold.
  • How much in hedges to hold.
  • What to do with long-term positions.

Completely Objective And Independent

The Arora Report is a rare publisher that does not accept advertisements.  The Arora Report has forsaken a very large sum of money by not accepting advertisements, payments from companies, and payments from brokers. This way The Arora Report is dedicated solely to the investors, investment advisors, and money managers.


Which Arora Service Is For You?

You can customize The Arora Report to your preferences.

  • If you are interested in accelerating wealth generation, most opportunities, and lowering your risks, consider subscribing to the Corporate Bundle 1. With this bundle you get all four services for the cost of two. 
  • If you want to subscribe to only one service, are interested in individual stocks and in both long term and short term positions, subscribe to ZYX Buy.
  • If you want to subscribe to only one service, and are interested in ETFs and medium to long term investments, subscribe to ZYX Allocation.
  • If you are interested in making money from the market, stocks, and ETFs going down by short selling, subscribe to ZYX Short.
  • Long term growth is in emerging markets such as India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Brazil. If this is your focus, subscribe to ZYX Emerging.

Labor Day Sale

Take advantage of the Labor Day Sale.  It is well known among serious investors, investment advisors, and money managers that there is no better way than a subscription to The Arora Report to maximize the wealth you generate over your lifetime.

The biggest testimonial to our success is that investors stay with The Arora Report for the long term.  

Please click here to take advantage of a FREE 30 day trial.

The Arora Report has become one of the most respected advisories across the globe not only for its unrivaled performance record over both bull and bear markets but also because we teach investors, investment advisors, stockbrokers and money managers the secrets they need to know to maximize the wealth they generate over their lifetimes.

Best Regards,

Nigam Arora
The Arora Report

Markets can generate substantial wealth for knowledgeable investors. NOW YOU TOO CAN ALSO SPECTACULARLY SUCCEED AT MEETING YOUR GOALS WITH THE HELP OF THE ARORA REPORT. You are receiving less than 2% of the content from our paid services. …TO RECEIVE REMAINING 98% INCLUDING MANY ATTRACTIVE INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES, TAKE A FREE

Nigam Arora

Nigam Arora

Nigam Arora is known for his accurate stock market calls. Nigam is a distinguished master of the macro. He is a popular columnist with over 100 million page views, an engineer, and nuclear physicist by background. Nigam has founded two Inc. 500 fastest growing companies and has been involved in over 50 entrepreneurial ventures. He is the developer of Theory ZYX of Successful Change Management and is the author of the book on Theory ZYX, as well as the developer of the ZYX Change Method for Investing.

Dr. Natasha Arora

Dr. Natasha Arora

Dr. Natasha Arora has significant expertise in investment analysis especially biotech, healthcare, and technology. Natasha is a graduate of Harvard Medical School followed by a postdoc at MIT. She has published several peer reviewed research papers in top science journals.

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