This post was just published on ZYX Buy Change Alert.

FOMC minutes that were released at 2:00 pm ET show increasing dissention in the Fed in continuing QE.  This may create headwinds for the stock market.  Consider taking the following actions:

  • Those who have learned hedging may consider adding a 25% hedge in addition to the existing hedge to protect the portfolio.
  • Exit NAV in the zone of $22.14 – $22.50.
  • Exit OVTI in the zone of $15.15 – $15.45.
  • Exit DFS in the zone of $39.60 – $39.85.
  • Exit EW in the zone of $92.30 – $92.70.

Our positive thesis on these stocks has not changed.  The exit recommendations are simply ways to raise some cash and reduce exposure to the markets.