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LOW is a hardware retail chain.  The company reported lousy earnings and gave terrible guidance.  The company has been  losing market  share  to HD.

HD and LOW are like a sea-saw, they always go through cycles of one gaining market share at the expense of the other.

Our analysis shows that LOW may be one or two quarters away from stabilizing its market share.  In the past, one to two quarters before market stabilization has been a good time to buy.  Those contemplating this trade will need patience.  The stock is trading around $26.50.  The market is overbought.  If there is a downturn in the market, LOW will be hit especially hard; that will be the time to buy.  Consider putting GTC limit orders in 10% tranches for a maximum of 30% of the full core position size in the zone of $22.56 to $23.62.  No stop zone for the time being, target zone is $35 to $38.  If filled, this will be a long term position.

It is best to let the price come to you and be perfectly content if there is no fill because there will be plenty of other opportunities.