Nvidia (NVDA) is a short on any major bounce and when all six screens of ZYX Change Method are met.  

Subscribers to the ZYX  Short Sell Change Alert will receive actionable  signal on the Real Time Feed if it materializes.   Here are the exerpts from my article published on Seeking Alpha this morning.   Nvidia Bulls Get It Wrong Again  

A simple question begs to be asked, ‘œWhat does smart money know that is not known to the bulls?’ The answer lies in my past writings on Nvidia on my blog and Seeking Alpha. My trade was done from cradle to grave in the public eye, and it is well documented that the trade tied up full capital for an average of 19 days and produced 443.86% annualized return.

First of all, the best criteria of measuring the success of an investment is annualized return and not how long it is held. In my upcoming book, I advocate diversification between very long-term, long-term, medium-term, and short-term trades as a new paradigm of reducing portfolio risk.

I am a proponent of long-term investing when there is reasonable clarity. Perhaps it is my background as an electrical engineer and an entrepreneur who founded two Inc. 500 companies that makes it obvious; Nvidia is in a ‘œme too’ business with no long-term sustainable edge. It is difficult for me to see anyone making a long-term investment in a company where the long-term is cloudy.