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Opportunities In 100 New IPOs

About 100 new IPOs are heading our way over the coming year.  This is the biggest crop of IPOs in about 19 years.  Many of these IPOs will provide significant opportunities to generate a fortune.  However it is not going to be real simple.  If you have not taken time to learn the ZYX Change Method, consider doing so. Those who are seriously interested in understanding the true nature of the market that is likely to be on display over the next year, consider attending the Bullet Proof seminar.  What has worked over the last nine years is not likely to work over the coming years.

Lyft IPO

Lyft (LYFT) is a new IPO that is likely to start trading in the near future.  There is no date available at this time.  The company is a ride hailing service.  This is a call to get up to 200% of the full core position size in the IPO.  Many of our subscribers who are ultra wealthy and money managers are able to get this IPO.  However if you are trading with a discount broker or do not have already established connections, you are not likely to get this IPO.

Consider stops in the zone of $0.03 to $0.17 below the IPO price.  IPO price is not known at this time.  We will provide you with target zones and how to trade as the trade progresses.

Caution: This is a call to buy in the IPO and not in the after market after the IPO starts trading.  If there is a call to buy in the after market for those who cannot get the IPO, there will be a separate post.


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