There is a big change at MOT that investors are not understanding and thus there is a unique opportunity for us. The fundamental driver of MOT’s business is ever accelerating innovation.

MOT has stopped innovating at the rate it needs to stay competitive. The emphasis has shifted to financial engineering and non-core competencies — a recipe for a disaster.

The Wall Street loves the stock. To some it is a value play. Others think of this stock as groeth story. Yet another group of investors believes that it is a simple matter of executive changes and restructuring. It is amazing how all these normally divergent groups of investors can justify owning this stock. No one seems to focus on lack of innovation and the coming bloodbath as NOKIA, LG and SAMSUNG eat MOT’s lunch.

Consider shorting on bounces above $ 19 and become aggressive in mid $20’s. Look for buy to cover in single digits unless innovation returns.