On May 28 in the Morning Capsule that is provided to paid subscribers to The Arora Report, we wrote:

Airlines are tracing a double bottom. This is bullish. ETF of interest is JETS.

Since then airline stocks have scored major gains. Airline ETF JETS was trading at $16.01 at the time the pattern was identified.  It has traded over $22 today.

Those who bought on the double bottom may consider taking partial profits.

Recovery Portfolio

We will be shortly publishing two Recovery Portfolios that will include airlines, cruise lines, retail, financial and other cyclical stocks and ETFs that will benefit from recovery. The portfolio with stocks will be published in ZYX Buy Change Alert.  The portfolio with ETFs will be published in ZYX Global Multi Asset Allocation Alert.

Some of the emerging countries will be major beneficiaries of the recovery.  This will be published in ZYX Emerging Markets ETF Alert.

Portfolios will include buy zones.

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