The Greek scholar Archimedes exclaimed ‘Eureka’ when he noticed that the bath tub water rose as he stepped in.  He understood that the volume of the water displaced was equal to the volume of his body parts in the water.  He was so excited that he reportedly leapt out and ran naked through the streets of Syracuse.  Apple CEO, Tim Cook, needs a Eureka moment to move Apple stock to $768.

Considering the performance of Apple stock, Cook clearly needs some help.  I do not expect Cook to run naked through the streets of Cupertino, but perhaps he can read my open letter to him and gain eureka moment.

Dear Mr. Cook,

It is understandable that Apple is between a rock and a hard place; the growth is in emerging markets, but the majority of people cannot afford Apple products.  A $99 Apple phone will be disastrous for Apple as I have previously written.  A cheap iPhone will kill the cache of Apple brand.  Apple brand is the goose that lays the golden egg.  Why kill the goose?

Your eureka moment lies in realizing that you can do the reverse of what the car companies have been doing.  Car companies such as General Motors, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, and Honda started with pedestrian brands and found a need to move upscale.  GM created Cadillac, Ford created Lincoln, Nissan created Infiniti, Toyota created Lexus, and Honda created Acura.

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