Cisco Systems (CSCO) is attractive for those looking for a tech stock with a good dividend.  CSCO pays 3.05%.

CSCO is long from $35.92.  It is trading at $43.76 as of this writing.

CSCO reported earnings in line with consensus but less than the whisper numbers.  This is the reason the stock is falling.  CSCO is making a transition from a hardware company to a company with a significant software component.  As there is a better recognition of the strategy, the stock will move towards $50. The very long term target is $54 to $58.

The ‘Buy Now’ rating is a ‘YES’ for those looking for a slow mover with a good dividend.

The buy zone is $40 to $43.86.

What To Do Now

Those in the stock may continue to hold.

Those not in the stock may consider scaling in.