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Our mental stop on RAD was under $4.43 and yesterday it ticked at $4.42.  The Trade Management Guidelines define mental stop as

Mental stops are not at an exchange or at your brokers but in your own computer or a device as an alarm.  The advantage of mental stops is that they give the investor an opportunity to reevaluate and help avoid unnecessary whipsaws.  The disadvantage of mental stops is that they require discipline and experience. After stops are hit on all quantities, the trade is over.

What To Do Now?

If still holding RAD consider reducing the quantity from 50% to 25% on any bounce in the zone of $4.70 to $5.38.  Consider continuing to hold the remaining 25%.

Those with a well diversified portfolio and also holding either hedges or enough cash may consider no stop.

Those whose portfolios are not structured in the foregoing manner may consider a mental stop under $4.23.


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