An analysis of 30 years of data in 15 emerging markets reveals that big money in the emerging markets is consistently made by paying attention to geopolitical events.

The key to profits lies in recognizing change before the crowd using a proven method such as the ZYX Change Method. The diagram below depicts the basics of the this method.

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Take a look at the long term chart of Morgan Stanley India Fund (IIF) and, see how it followed the five stages predicted by our method when the 2008 financial crash is excluded.

Those who recognized the political change in 2003 made over 800% in about four years.

When all six screens of our method are used, more opportunities become available as shown by the successful calls of our alerts depicted on the chart of iPath MSCI India Index ETN (INP) that follows.

We may be closer than most investors realize to a big change in India. This presents yet another opportunity to make big money in India for those who have gained the wisdom to look beyond traditional fundamental measures. An analysis of the 15 emerging markets over the last 30 years shows that investors stuck in the realm of traditional fundamental analysis would have made very little money from 1981 to 2011.

The watershed event is the success of Anna Hazare. Hazare is a political activist who is beginning to garner a following similar to Mahatma Gandhi. He has just won a major victory; the government has agreed to an anti-corruption bill with teeth.   Read more