Beyond Meat’s stock is flying high. And I have been getting more emails on this stock than any other. A good way to think about this stock is to ask the question: “Is Beyond Meat like Tilray or Tesla?”

Let’s explore the answer with the help of a chart.

The chart

Please click here for an annotated chart of Tilray TLRY. Tilray was the favorite stock of the momo (momentum) crowd, just like Beyond Meat BYND is now. Please note the following:

• The chart shows that Tilray’s stock experienced a massive short squeeze after the IPO. Algorithms at The Arora Report show that the majority of the rise in Beyond Meat’s stock is due to a short squeeze, just like Tilray.

• In Tilray, the short squeeze was facilitated by a low float after the IPO. Beyond Meat also has a low float.

• Tilray did a secondary offering to take advantage of the high stock price, just like Beyond Meat is doing now.

• The chart shows that The Arora Report gave a signal to short-sell Tilray at $280. The stock is trading a $40 as of this writing. A partial position is still being held. In short selling, money is made when a stock falls.

• Before the decline in Beyond Meat, our system at The Arora Report gave a short-sell signal. However, our human judgement caused an override of that signal and did not publish it, primarily because no shares of Beyond Meat appeared to be available for borrowing. We could have published the signal, but that would have frustrated investors because the shares were not available.

• Tilray had the first-mover advantage in marijuana, just like Beyond Meat has in plant-based meat.

• Tilray has a huge market opportunity ahead of it, just like Beyond Meat. There was a lot of excitement about marijuana stocks, especially Tilray, just like there is a lot of excitement now about fake meat, especially Beyond Meat.

• Tilray’s stock would rise on news of partnerships, just like Beyond Meat’s climbs on news of partnerships.

• Now that the short squeeze is over, Tilray’s stock no longer flies on the news of partnerships. Expect a similar fate for Beyond Meat, with the exception if it announces an exclusive partnership with a large company such as McDonald’s MCD.

• Tilray had plenty of competition, but the stock market was ignoring it. Beyond Meat also has plenty of competition, but the stock market is ignoring it, just like it ignored the competition to Tilray.

• Beyond Meat is always making headlines in financial media, just like Tilray did….Read more at MarketWatch.


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