By Nigam Arora & Dr. Natasha Arora

Act Now: The Last Day Of The Sale

Today is the last day of the Thanksgiving sale.

Thank you for your great response to the Thanksgiving sale.  If you have not yet taken advantage of the sale, today is the last day.  The time to act is now.

Immense Gains

The best way for you to accelerate generating wealth and lower your risks is to synergistically combine the four services from The Arora Report.

It is well known among serious private investors and money managers that long-term positions in The Arora Report portfolios in all four services have produced large gains. Here are a few examples from ZYX Buy:

  • 2670% on Apple stock (AAPL)
  • 1333% on MongoDB stock (MDB)
  • 1063% on T-Mobile stock (TMUS)
  • 767% on Applied Materials stock (AMAT)
  • 598% on Electronic Arts stock (EA)
  • 438% on Bank of America stock (BAC)
  • 210% on Ford Motor Company (F)

With ZYX Buy and ZYX Short, you get plenty of short-term trades and other positions outside the Model Portfolio.  Our record is unmatched.

The secret behind the unmatched record is that we do not force setups unlike most other services, the unique ZYX Change Method, and the comprehensive Adaptive ZYX Asset Allocation Model.

Coronavirus Recovery Portfolio

With The Arora Report, you get a number of event-specific and thematic opportunities as they arise. A good example is Coronavirus Recovery Portfolio – this portfolio has done very well.

Here are a few examples of very nice gains in about seven months:

  • 80% gain on American Airlines stocks (AAL)
  • 67% gain on aluminum fabricator Arconic Corporation stock (ARNC)
  • 64% gain on shopping mall owner Simon Property Group stock (SPG)
  • 56% gain on movie theater company Cinemark Holdings stock (CMK)

Turning $100,000 into over $1,500,000

Our subscribers are smart and they want to make good financial decisions.

To accomplish their purposes, investors have been telling us that it makes sense to them to have yearly subscriptions, subscriptions spanning multiple years or subscriptions to all four services to get more opportunities and lower risks.

The Arora Report gives investors multiple edges they cannot get anywhere else.  With the help of The Arora Report, they have beaten the market and they intend on doing so for a long time.  With The Arora Report, an investor could have turned $100,000 into over $1,500,000.

168 Buyouts

Our subscribers have made a fortune from our remarkable success in identifying companies that get bought out.  To date 168 of our portfolio companies have been bought out. This record is significantly better than boutique research firms charging over $50,000 per year.

Free Trials

Independence Day is a good time to take advantage of the 30 day free trials.  Your credit card is not charged during the first 30 days.  You can cancel within 30 days and owe  nothing.

First Bonus

When you subscribe, you get access to Trade Management Guidelines. These are the techniques used by billionaires and hedge funds.  You can learn and continue to use these techniques even if you decide to cancel.

Second Bonus

It is a fact that the more knowledge you have, the more money you make in the markets. For those taking the Free trial now, you get $200 off the widely acclaimed seminar Bullet Proof Your Portfolio and Increase Your Returns.

What To Do Now

Every morning we update you on what to do now:

  • How much cash to hold.
  • How much in hedges to hold.
  • What to do with long-term positions.

Completely Objective and Independent

The Arora Report is a rare publisher that does not accept advertisements.  The Arora Report has forsaken a very large sum of money by not accepting advertisements, payments by companies and payments by the brokers. This way The Arora Report is dedicated solely to the investors, investment advisors, and money managers.

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Nigam Arora

Nigam Arora

Nigam Arora is known for his accurate stock market calls. Nigam is a distinguished master of the macro. He is a popular columnist with over 100 million page views, an engineer, and nuclear physicist by background. Nigam has founded two Inc. 500 fastest growing companies and has been involved in over 50 entrepreneurial ventures. He is the developer of Theory ZYX of Successful Change Management and is the author of the book on Theory ZYX, as well as the developer of the ZYX Change Method for Investing.

Dr. Natasha Arora

Dr. Natasha Arora

Dr. Natasha Arora has significant expertise in investment analysis especially biotech, healthcare, and technology. Natasha is a graduate of Harvard Medical School followed by a postdoc at MIT. She has published several peer reviewed research papers in top science journals.