Astute observers have long contended that the biggest military threat to the United States in the future is from China.   Today, Obama in a speech is expected to counter the threat from China.   According to sources, Obama has been personally involved at the Pentagon in this matter.

Obama is said to have personally opposed reducing the U.S. aircraft carrier fleet to 10 from 11 because he sees the threat from China.

Several analysts had contended that the size of the aircraft carrier fleet should be cut drastically.   The rationale of such analysts has been that China has only one relatively small aircraft carrier group compared to 11 that the U.S. has.   U.S. Navy is bigger than the sum total of the next 13 navies.

In his strategy, Obama is likely to shift the focus to Asia and the Pacific.

The new strategy may also cut Marine Corps less than what some analysts have argued.   More Marines may be deployed on bases in Asia and the Pacific as well as on the fleet.

The United States is building a big base in Australia.   New alliances are also being developed with India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Philippines, and Japan.

The new strategy is likely to also include elements to contain Iran, but is expected to reduce emphasis on the Middle East.   Perhaps Obama sees the increasing natural gas and oil production that is going to come on line in the United States from new technologies for extracting oil and gas from shale….Read More at