We have been writing on this blog about the competition that is coming to Nvidia’ Tegra chip. Lately, after the Consumer Electronics Show, investors have been enamored about NVDA adding graphics capabilities to an ARMH core. In their exuberance, investors and gurus have mostly ignored the upcoming graphics capabilities fro the likes of QCOM.

 On Qualcomm’s earnings call, CEO Dr. Paul Jacobs,  mentioned  Microsoft’s MSFT plans to build the next version of Windows for ARM Holdings ARMH -designed processors, and  Microsoft demonstrated Windows on Snapdragon processors at the recent Consumer Electronics Show. ‘œWe have a strong working relationship with Microsoft,’ he said.

Also on the call,  Qualcomm’s QCOM chip set division chief, Steve Mollenkopf, said that QCOM will ship  samples to customers  this year of 8960 , a chip that combines graphics processing and an LTE modem.

QCOM also plans to add graphics capability to Snapdragon line of application processors .
Mollenkopf believes smart phones and tablets  will migrate to modems based on LTE. It is not clear what LTE modem capabilities, if any, NVDA possesses.

As per prior posts, we added lightly to our small short NVDA position at $24.80.

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