This is the golden age of gene editing.  Our view of gene editing company  Editas Medicine (EDIT) is positive but a stock and a company are two different things. This stock has been highly pumped recently. This provided a trading opportunity from the short side.  The stock was sold short at an average price of $88.51.  Now there are nice gains as the stock has fallen.

Editas Medicine (EDIT) is trading at $69.26 as of this writing.   Depending upon the quantity held and personal preference, consider taking more partial profits in the zone of $67 to $70.57.  Consider continuing to hold the rest.

Trades posted on The Arora Report Market Blog have produced unrivalled performance since 2007.  These trades have been scrutinized in real-time by thousands of investors across the globe.  This provides easy verification of performance for newcomers to this site.  Only those trades are included in the performance where the entry post was made available to subscribers to The Arora Report Market Blog.  When the entry post is made available only to the paying subscribers and not posted in real-time on The Arora Report Market Blog, the resulting performance of the trade is not credited in the performance table.  There are very nice gains on this trade but since the entry trade was not posted here for the free subscribers in real-time but only made available to the paying subscribers, handsome profits on this trade will not be added to the performance of The Arora Report Market Blog shown on the table.

This post was recently published on ZYX Short Change Alert.  The first paragraph has been added for context.


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