Subscribers to the  ZYX  Short Sell Change Alert took profits on Xenoport (XNPT)   on May 5,2011 at $7.35.  Following was the entry on the Real Time Feed:

Most of our subscribers have already realized over 20% profit on XNPT over a very short time.

After earnings report, the stock is now down to $7.35.  

Those still holding a partial position  may consider  taking profits right here and completely exiting the position.

The risk of continuing to hold the position outweighs the potential reward.

Those not   in the position should not enter.

Inadvertently, this   signal on Xenoport was not reported on this blog.

Performance of very trade on this blog since 2007, without exception, is verifiable and its performance is documented on the PERFORMANCE page.

Xenoport  close at $7.56. For performancr  tracking purposes, this traded will be closed as of today at $7.56. This will make the profit a bit   less than the actual profit, but is in keeping with complete transparency and verifiability of each trade.