The Arora Report published a “sell” signal on Apple’s stock before the iPhone 8 and iPhone X launch.

At the time, Apple AAPL  was trading around $164. Please see “Investors who recently bought Apple’s stock should consider locking in profits.”

Now that that call has proven to be correct, I am being asked by investors: “How low will Apple go?”

Let’s explore that question with the help of two charts.

Please click here for a short-term chart of Apple stock.

Please click here for a long-term chart of Apple stock.

Please note the following from the charts:

• The short-term chart shows the gap that occurred after Apple reported blowout earnings.

• In traditional technical analysis, gaps are often filled. If traditional technical analysis holds, Apple stock may fall to about $148.

• With the widespread availability of technical analysis, it no longer works as well as it used to back in 1970s and ’80s.

• The “smart money” tries to game the technical analysis. In practice and in plain English, it means that some smart players are likely to start aggressively buying well above $148 and put stops under $148.

• If Apple’s stock goes lower, some smart player knowing that there are stops under $148 may try to push the stock down by short-selling to take out the stops.

• Please note from the chart that RSI (relative strength index) is now oversold…Read more at MarketWatch

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