Three numbers show that a potential trade war between the U.S. and China, and possibly other countries, is less likely. Improving money flows are confirming that, at least temporarily.

Let’s explore with two charts.

Two charts

Please click here for the previously published, annotated chart of the stock market. For full transparency, this chart is unchanged.

Please click here for a similar chart for the subsequent period.

The VUD indicator shown on the chart is akin to an X-ray of the market. The chart is of S&P 500 futures ESM8.  Similar conclusions can be drawn from popular ETFs such as S&P 500 ETF SPY,  Nasdaq 100 ETF QQQ,   and small-cap ETF IWM.

The reason for using the futures chart is that it provides better information. In periods of extreme volatility, the fastest players tend to focus on the futures. Please observe the following from the charts:

• Compare the VUD indicator on the two charts.

• The charts show X-rays of the market in the form of the VUD indicator. The VUD indicator is the most sensitive indicator of true net demand or net supply in the real time.

• When supply of stocks is higher than the demand for stocks, the VUD indicator is shown in orange. When demand exceeds supply, the VUD indicator is shown in green.

• The previous chart shows a strong negative VUD indicator.

• The chart for the subsequent period shows that the VUD indicator is positive.

• The positive VUD indicator predicted a short-term rally. This prediction is spot on.


The three trade numbers

Here are the three trade numbers that show that a trade war is less likely….Read more at

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