At a time when much media negativity surrounds Apple stock, it is important to remember that most of the media was expressing positive views on Apple stock when it was $700. Sentiment can change quickly. One potential development on the horizon that may change said sentiment is a new look at wearable gadgets.

The chart linked below shows the first target on a sentiment change. This target is the same neckline that presaged the fall in Apple AAPL  stock after the formation of the head-and-shoulders pattern.

Please click here to see the annotated chart of Apple.

Steve Jobs totally transformed smartphones when he introduced the first iPhone. Apple did not invent much of the technology in the iPhone. Most of the technology existed in bits and pieces across the world in a variety of devices. Jobs’ genius was integrating the available technology in an elegant user-friendly device. The iPhone not only transformed smartphones, it was the main force behind Apple becoming, at least at one time, the largest company in the world by market capitalization. About 70% of Apple’s profits in recent years have come from iPhones.

The market for wearable gadgets today is similar to the market for smartphones before the introduction of iPhone. There were many devices, but none of them had caught the fancy of the masses. There are many wearable gadgets available today, but none of them have caught on.

Apple’s archrival Google GOOG  has released Google Glass. Google Glass is worn like a regular pair of glasses, but comes with an optical head-mount display. However, it is expensive, and reviews so far in terms of comfort and looks have been mixed. This is not much different than smartphones prior to iPhone.


A Kickstarter-backed project has introduced the Pebble watch. Pebble is advertised as the first watch built for the twenty-first century. Pebble uses Bluetooth to connect to Android or iOS devices, and can show notifications for incoming calls, emails, SMS tweets and Facebook FB   messages.

Nike NKE is selling FuelBand. FuelBand is a bracelet that measures activities such as running and walking, and tracks calories burned. It connects with iOS using Bluetooth…Read more at MarketWatch

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A fortune is to be made from AI stocks.

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