DUST is a triple leveraged inverse gold miner ETF that goes up when gold miners go down. This is suitable only for super aggressive investors with prior experience as the risk of loss is high. This is a short-term trade and not an investment.

Consider accumulating up to 15% of the full core position size in the zone of $27 to $29.88.  Since this is triple leveraged, the size should be one-third of the normal size.   It is trading at $29.80 and very volatile as of this writing.  Stop zone is $26 to $26.43.  First target zone is $32.38 to $33.57.  Second target zone is $37 to $39.43.  This ETF can trade in a very wide range.

Caution: Those without prior experience and who are not super aggressive may simply consider watching the trade and learn from it to gain experience.  Note that the risk of loss is high here.