Greetings fellow investors,

The time to act is now! Savings of $2,605 will end tomorrow and will not be offered again.  The character of the market is changing.  You need to fine tune your skills now to reduce your risks and increase your returns going forward.

Thank you for being so smart in putting Arora’s 21 Laws of Investing into practice. It is humbling that so many of you are giving credit to these laws for having done well during the difficult market conditions of October.

The market conditions that have prevailed over the last nine years of this rip roaring bull market are changing. Many of you are recognizing this and are requesting an expanded and updated version of Arora’s Laws of Investing.

Good news, I am listening and understand your request. The new version will be out soon.

Stark Difference between the Two Groups

Over the years, one thing has always stayed constant. There is a stark difference between how well investors who have attended the Bullet Proof and Increase Your Returns Coaching Seminar have performed compared to investors who have not. The difference has become glaring during the difficult market conditions of October.

Goodbye to Easy Money

It is common knowledge that a rising tide lifts all boats. In the case of the markets, the rising tide has been the liquidity provided by the major central banks across the world following the 2008 financial crisis. The money the central banks printed has gone into the stock markets causing the rip roaring bull market we have seen.

It is also common knowledge that you only find out who is swimming naked when the tied goes out. My fellow investors, in October you have witnessed the effects of the tide beginning to go out.

The Federal Reserve Bank has been slowly draining liquidity – the liquidity that caused the bull market in the first place. The European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan will soon follow the Federal Reserve. This does not mean that the markets will go straight down. There is a high probability that over a period of time, markets will be higher. Astute investors will continue to extract money out of the markets irrespective of the conditions. However, this definitely means that you need to say goodbye to making easy money in the markets, as you have over the last nine years. Since 2009, both sets of investors, those who have few skills and those who are very knowledgeable made money. The difference is that the knowledge investors made significantly more money. Going forward the gulf between the profits extracted out of the markets by knowledgeable investors and those who have not taken the time to become knowledgeable will widen.

Pennywise Pound Foolish

These days not many people will continue to drive a car that is not finely tuned, yet many investors invest large amounts in the market without finely tuning their skills and knowledge. Smart investors recognize that losses can be very expensive and many investors have learned this lesson the hard way. Nobody wants to be pennywise and pound foolish, and not invest a small amount of money and time to get better prepared for what is to come in the markets over the next few years.

Arora’s Laws of Investing

The Arora’s Laws of Investing distil my over thirty years of experience in the markets and with thousands of investors including money managers and investment advisors to provide you with a highly actionable systematic framework to help you succeed spectacularly.

Save $2,605

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The Road Map

This coaching seminar will layout a comprehensive road map to be successful at investing and trading over the coming years when difficult conditions are likely to prevail.   The seminar will give you the knowledge and techniques you will need to be successful.

We are working diligently to ensure the seminar contains the most up to date and valuable information for investors. It will be made available as soon as possible but no later than post- New Year Holiday.

The seminar will be an online on demand seminar. You will be able to watch it and study it at your leisure anytime over the next six months. You will be able to watch it and revisit it as many times as you want to make sure that you learn what you need to know to be successful.

Wishing you happy and prosperous investing and trading!

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Nigam Arora