More and more investors believe there is a free lunch.

That is, you get something for nothing. In investing, people have been getting a free lunch: Stocks (and bonds) have been rising for years without a bad turnout.

Will there ever be consequences of massive money printing by central banks, $20 trillion in national debt, a high trade deficit, underfunded social-program liabilities and higher deficits resulting from tax reform?

One would think so. In theory, gold is supposed to be a hedge against the supposed free lunch investors are enjoying. In practice, it has not worked out that way so far. The key words here are “so far.” Now the free-lunch believers are losing interest in gold. Are they right? Are there other ways to protect oneself?

Before discussing what to do now, let us explore with a long-term chart of gold.


Please click here for a long-term chart of gold. The chart is of gold ETF GLD. Similar observations can be drawn from silver ETF SLV,  and gold miner ETFs GDX,  and GDXJ. Please note the following from the chart.

• Gold appears to be forming a bottom.

• The bottoming process is occurring in a wide range.

• Significant resistance is ahead.

• The bottoming process is a weak one; a breakdown from this level cannot be ruled out.

• For the bottoming process to be complete and gold to take the next up leg, gold will have to decisively break out of the upper resistance line shown on the chart.

• The chart shows, with a green box, when The Arora Report calls were to buy gold and a red box when The Arora Report calls were to sell gold.

• The chart also shows The Arora Report calls to back up the truck and buy gold in the $600 an ounce range. The chart also shows The Arora Report call to sell one-half of one’s stake in gold at $1,904, which turned out to be the high, and set a stop loss on the remaining holding at $1,757. Then The Arora Report generated huge profits from gold falling by going short, betting on a decline, as shown on the chart….Read more at MarketWatch.



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